5/19/2017 Changelog

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We've had a few larger efforts happening for Groups recently, but we wanted to mention a few other things we've recently completed:

New Features:

Send Attendance Request - Are you waiting on attendance from a Leader? Concerned they forgot to submit? Now Admins can send an Attendance Request directly to Leaders. This acts as a friendly poke to move the attendance process along and get that attendance data into your hands.

Fixes and Changes:

More Repeating Event Options - Finally!!! Customers have been extremely vocal about the need for more repeating options within Groups and now they have them. Need an event to be set up for the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month? No problem. Are you wanting an event to occur on only the 2nd Wednesday? We've got you covered. Selections will be intelligently provided based on the day you've clicked. No more adding events manually to each month. Just set the event, and enjoy the repetition.

More Repeating Event Options - Ah.... See what I did there?

Sorting by Last Name - You can now sort the member list by last name. Note: this is only available on the "admin" (orange) side of groups... not the group pages (where leaders log into their group's public page). New features like this will be focused on the admin side only, due to the "Single Interface for Admins & Leaders" explained here.

Type "DELETE" to Delete Group Types - To delete an group, you've needed to type "DELETE" within a text box to verify this action. Sadly however, this cautionary measure wasn't being taken for Group Types, which house all those groups. That was a bit of a problem and some were accidentally deleting Group Types a little too easily. We've added the "type DELETE" layer to protect you against any possible mistakes.

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