Create a Group

Create as many groups as your church needs and put them in the right Group Type to allow people to find them more easily.

Watch the video to see how to add groups, or follow the steps below to add a group.


To create a group, click the + on the Groups page.

Enter the name of the group and choose its Group Type.

Add any other information necessary to make your group complete.

  1. Hover over the image placement to add a picture, click the pencil to change the name or group type, and add any properties to identify your group.
  2. Add members, look at reporting information based on events you add, and add resources to your group.
  3. Choose to make your group private or public and open or closed.
  4. Archive your group when the class or quarter has ended, leaving membership records, event history, and attendance intact. Choosing to archive will also give you the option to delete, which removes all information.
  5. Change description, location, contact information and much more in the Settings.
  6. Click here to change your group logo.

When you archive a group, it is removed from all listings, and nothing can be added to it. If a group has been archived, it can be found using the Groups filter, and it can be unarchived.

Group Logo Tips

When choosing an image for your group, the ratio of the image will be cropped to make sure your Groups Directory always looks it's best. As your browser window gets bigger or smaller, the size of the image will automatically adjust.

Using that diagram, let's see how our photo will hold up:

Since the subject is centered, and there's quite a bit of space around them, they should not be cropped, regardless of where you are in Groups:

Admin Group Page

Admin Groups Directory

Group Page

If you crop that picture before uploading it as the logo, you'll remove the room for Groups to adjust to the center.

In this image, although the Admin Group Page looks okay, when the image is displayed in the Admin Groups Directory, the heads are cut off, and on the Group Page, the image doesn't look complete.

Admin Group Page

Admin Groups Directory

Group Page

So, here are some key things to remember:

  • Keep your subject/focus in the center of the image.
  • Wide, landscape (horizontal) shots are best.

Now that you have a group, let's add some members!

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