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Groups don't exist without people! Add people from the Administrative side or approve their request to join the group themselves.

Check out this video to see how it looks to add and remove members or follow the steps below.


If you haven't already imported people into your database, use the People Import Tool to speed up the process of adding people to groups.

In a group, an Administrator can add a person to a group from the Members tab. Type the name of the person you'd like to add, and if they don't yet exist in the database, select Create a new member to add them to your database.

If you are a Group Leader and you are not seeing this search bar in your group, reach out to your Administrator. 

Allow a Person to Join

Membership requests will be visible on the administrative side of Groups, on the group page, and in the notifications tab.

To see the message from the person who wants to join, select View Message, and the message will expand below the request.

Whether you add or remove a person, you can choose to send them an email.

send email
  1. If you choose Add but decide you don't want to add the person, or you want to add them as a leader right off the bat, you can change the type of response from the dropdown.
  2. Enter a subject, so the person will know why you're emailing.
  3. Welcome the person to the group or explain why they cannot join at this time. Use this email to give them any initial necessary information.

Select Send Message . . . to send the email to the person.

If, for any reason, you don't want the person to receive an email, uncheck the Reply box.

don't send email

Remove a Group Member

An Administrator can remove a member from a group on the Members tab. Choose the dropdown under Member Actions on the same line as the person then select Remove from group.

When a person is removed, their information is still available in the database through People. To fully remove the person from the database, make them inactive.

Now that you have some members in your group, let's make them leaders or add some events!

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