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Groups don't exist without people! Populate your group by adding members directly or inviting people to join your group. You can also add members who have already requested to join the group.

If you haven't already imported people into your database, a People Administrator can use the People Import Tool to speed up the process of adding people to groups.

The video below shows how to add a member directly to a group.

The video below shows how add a member to a group by invitation or approving a request.

Add or Invite a Group Member

Administrators can give Leaders permission to add members from a specific group's settings.

Add a Member to a Group

Click Add a member, search for the person's name, and select their name when it appears.

If the person doesn't yet exist in the member database their name won't show up in the search. You can add them by clicking Create a new person.

Invite a Person to Join

Click the Invite a new member button to email the person and invite them to join the group.

After the person accepts the request to join the group, they will be added to the group as a member.

Add Requested Members

As people request to join a group, those requests will be visible on the Members tab on the notifications page. Administrators and Leaders can approve or deny the requests.

Click either the Don't add or Add button next to the person's name.

If the person added a message to their request,  select View Message, and the message will expand below their information.

Send the person an email welcoming them to the group or explaining why you couldn't add them.

To send an email, check the Reply box, and then complete the email.

send email

If you don't want the person to receive an email, uncheck the Reply box.

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