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Groups don't exist without people! The best way to populate your groups is through Church Center, but administrators and leaders can also add or manage individual group membership requests on the administrator side. You can also add multiple people to a group at one time.


Check out how to add a member from Church Center!

Add Member

To add someone who has not already requested to join the group, go to the Members tab and select Add Member.

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Add the new member's email address and a welcome message, then select Send email .

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To ensure that leaders and prospective members are both active participants in making this connection, the welcome email includes an option for the person to join the group. If the person chooses to join, the group leader must then approve the membership request.


When adding members, administrators and group type managers can search the entire people database to add existing members by name. Doing this skips the membership approval process since the members have been approved previously.

Approve or Reject Membership Requests

Whether a person has requested to join your group from a membership email or the public group page, you must approve their request to add them to your group officially. Go to the Members tab of the group to see any pending membership requests.


Administrators and group type managers can also access all membership requests for their managed groups by using the gear icon and selecting Requests.

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If the person added a message to their request, select View Message to expand the message under their contact information.

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Select Add to approve the request and add the person as a group member. Upon your approval, Groups automatically sends a welcome email to the new group member with a link to the group in Church Center.

Check the Notify box to send a custom message in addition to the automatic welcome email.

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If you determine that the person should not join the group, select Don't add to reject the request. No automatic email is generated, but you can still choose to Notify the person and include a personal message with the rejection. 

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