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Groups don't exist without people! The best way to populate your groups is through Church Center; however, administrators and leaders can add, invite, or manage membership requests for groups on the Admin side.


Are you trying to add a member from Church Center? This article will show you how!


If you need to add multiple people to your Planning Center account, a People Administrator can import a file of profiles, which will speed up the process of adding those people to groups.

Go to the Members tab to invite or approve members.

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  • If a person has requested to join the group, you can choose to Add or Don't add the person.


    If the person added a message to their request, select View Message, and the message will expand below their information.

  • To add someone to the group, select Add person or Invite a new member.

Send the person an email welcoming them to the group or explaining why you couldn't add them by checking the Reply box.

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