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Groups don't exist without people! Leaders and Administrators can add or remove people from the Administrative side or approve requests to join the group.

If you haven't already imported people into your database, use the People Import Tool to speed up the process of adding people to groups.

Permissions to Add and Edit Member Information

Administrators and Leaders have the following permissions:

  • Administrators can add and remove group members and edit member information. Administrators can also give Leaders additional access to search the People database from the group Settings page.
  • Leaders can either add or invite people to a group, depending on the access settings for the group. Leaders can also remove people from a group, but they cannot edit member information.

The following table shows who can add, remove, or edit member information.

Task Permission
Add an individual to a group
Administrators and Leaders with access to People database
Invite an individual to a group
Leaders without access to People database
Add multiple people to a group
Editor or Manager permissions in People
Accept or reject membership requests
Administrators and Leaders
Edit member information
Remove a member from a group
Administrators and Leaders

Enable Leaders to Add People

When an Administrator allows leaders to search the People database, those Leaders can view basic contact information for people they add to the group.

To enable Leaders to add people to a group, an Administrator can go to the Settings tab for the group and check Allow leaders to search People database in the Leader Access section.

Leaders will not be able to access Planning Center People. This setting only allows for single profile searching and will only return existing profile results.

Add or Invite an Individual to a Group

Leaders can add a person to their group if the group has been set up to allow leader access. If this access is not set up for a group, a Leader can invite members to join the group.

Add an Individual to a Group

Administrators and Leaders with access can add a person to their group.

Click Add a member, search for the person's name, and select their name when it appears.

If the person doesn't yet exist in the member database their name won't show up in the search. You can add them by clicking Create a new person.

Invite an Individual to a Group

Leaders can invite a person to join a group if they don't have permission to add people.

Click the Invite a new member button to email the person and invite them to join the group.

After the person accepts the request to join the group, they will be added to the group as a member.

If you are a Leader who does not have permission to add people, you can contact your Administrator to request access.

Now that you have some members in your group, let's make them leaders or add some events!

Add Multiple People to a Group

People with Editor or Manager permissions in People can use the Bulk Action tool to add multiple people to a group.

Choose Bulk Actions from the settings dropdown on the People page.

bulk actions

Use the dropdowns to select the appropriate group, and then begin typing the names of people you'd like to add to a group

If you've already created a list of people, you can change Individuals to Lists and perform the action on a whole list of people instead.

Click Update x people to add the people to the group based on the role you've selected.

Accept or Reject Membership Requests

Membership requests will be visible on the administrative side of each group page and on the notifications page. Administrators and Leaders can approve or deny the requests.

Click either the Don't add or Add button next to the person's name.

To see the message from the person who wants to join, select View Message, and the message will expand below the request.

You can send the person an email welcoming them to the group or explaining why you couldn't add them.

Check the Reply box, make sure that the correct Action is selected, and complete the email.

send email

If you don't want the person to receive an email, uncheck the Reply box, and then click the button to add the person or reject the request.

don't send email

Remove a Group Member

An Administrator or Leader can remove members from a group on the Members tab.

To remove more than one member at a time, select the people that you want to remove and click the minus icon.

You can also remove an individual by clicking the minus sign at the end of their row.

You can choose whether or not to email the person to let them know they are being removed.

All Leaders, other than the leader who removed the person, will receive an email letting them know that the member has been removed.

email sample

When a person is removed from a group, their information is still available in the People database. To fully remove the person from the database, make them inactive.

The only way to fully remove a Visitor from a group is to remove them while taking attendance for the group. Make changes before submitting attendance because once attendance is submitted, the delete option goes away until the next attendance request.

Edit a Member's Information

Administrators can update information for members or members can update their own information. Leaders cannot update member information.

An Administrator can access a member profile in two different ways:

  • Click the person's name in a Group Members list.
  • Search for the person on the People page.

When you have the person's profile, click Edit.

edit member info

Make any necessary edits, and then click Save.

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