6/8/2017 Changelog

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New Features

Archiving Groups - You can now archive groups you're no longer using. This gives you more freedom to get these groups out of your view while keeping past attendance intact. Many customer were looking for a feature like this and we're excited to finally get it released. Read more about group archiving.


Accept or Decline Within the Group Page - Admins can now accept applications directly within a specific group.

Overage Notifications - Now only Organization Administrators will get the overage emails we send letting you know that you happen to be over your subscription level. Since they're the only ones who can take action on that issue, there's no reason for anyone else to see these.

Groups Emails - Emails have been updated with a cleaner, sleeker look. We received a lot of feedback regarding group images being too big and the layout being a bit overwhelming. Emails are now clear and to the point.

Group Settings Tab - Group Settings have been moved to their own tab on the Group Page. These were a bit squished on the right side so we moved them for easier access and less scrolling.


Property Filtering on the Group Directory - Property filters were not working as intended on the public side. Customers were getting an unending "thinking" wheel. That's been taken care of.

Remove Visitors - There was an issue with Admins not being able to delete Visitors from the Admin side when taking attendance. That's been resolved. Delete away!

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