Contacting Group Members

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Contact members of a group or group type by sending them an email.

Email Group Members

Go to the Members tab on your group and select Email all members.

If you want to simply remind your members of an event coming up, send them a reminder email from the event page!

Chose an event from the Events tab to be taken to the event page.

Then select Send event reminder email, and emails will be sent to all the members in the group, reminding them of the event.

You can also include an RSVP request in the email by clicking to the right of the toggle switch to turn it green.

Email Any Members

Administrators can also email all members of a group type. Select the group type then Email all members.

email members of group type

Sent or Received emails from Groups can be viewed for any profile within Planning Center People using the Communication Tab. This is also a great place to see if an email was delivered successfully.

To send an email to a more specific set of people use the filter bar or manually select the members you need to contact.

There's not a way to add an attachment to an email; instead, add the file to Resources and point people to that resource.

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