6/22/2017 Changelog

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Here's a peek at our past few weeks.

Enhancements and Fixes

Softer Application Language - We received some feedback that the application process for Groups was a little rough around the edges. We've softened that up a bit and change a few things about the over all process:

As of right now:

  • Now potential members will "ask" to join a group rather than "applying" for it
  • For Admins and Leaders approving the potential member, the language of "accept" or "reject" has been replaced with "add" or "don't add."
  • When someone is not added, they will no longer get a generic (and arguably harsh) auto response letting them know their request was "rejected."

As of next week:

  • Next week we'll be adding an inline email form so you can craft your own response to people wanting to join groups. In one step, you'll be able to add them as a member, a leader, and send them a response email. Or, if necessary, take the action not adding them and telling them why. The email response will be fully optional and will look like this:

Archived Header Bar - The Archived Groups header was displaying in an unintended way. That's been fixed.

Archived Groups Overflow - Some were seeing that when they archived groups, the group tiles were pushing their browser window over further, rather than wrapping around below. We didn't really like the look so we addressed it.

Display by Phone Number - For anyone displaying their Leaders and Members lists by phone number, there was an issue where some phone numbers weren't staying where they should. You'd find them hanging out with shady area codes and getting mixed up with the wrong crowds. After a long talk and some counseling, these will now display as they should.

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