8/31/2017 Changelog

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Let's talk about some updates!

Enhancements and Fixes

Inconsistent Color in Tabs - If you happend to have a lot of groups in Groups, the tile view was breaking the gradient we use to display the page. This caused tabs to be a totally different color from the rest of the page. Not a huge change, but that's been fixed.

Orange Line When Zoomed - We also saw another issue concerning Tabs and a stange orange line that appeared when your browser (Chrome) was zoomed in. Zoom all you want now. That line isn't coming back

Location Buttons Missing for Leaders - Some Leaders alerted us to missing "cancel" and "save location" buttons when they attempted to add new locations to group events or their own groups. Those buttons have been returned to their rightful owner, the Leader/Member interface.

Print Page Pop Over List Data - If you happened to be printing attendance data, you may have noticed that Pop Up data for attendance lists were displaying behind the graphs. Not on our watch! That data will now display front and center in front of it's adoring crowd.

New Hover Bubbles - We've added some hover bubbles over certain buttons in Groups to help you know exactly what action you're about to take.


Update to Remove Members Button and Message - Along with those new hover bubbles, we've added a new message when you select to remove a person from a group. There was some confusion before that made it seem as though you might be deleting that Member from the Groups app entirely. We wanted to make this action a bit more clear.

Extra Mail App Padding - Some whom were using third party email apps were seeing some additional padding added to emails sent from Groups when opened on a mobile device. This was making emails appear a bit more slender than normal. We've addressed that issue and emails should look at fresh as ever.


As always, we love to hear feedback on features released, as well as any additional Feature Requests you'd like to see. Send your comments or suggestions by clicking the ? in the upper right of the app.

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