10/11/2017 Changelog

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We're building some momentum on a few things coming down the line. Here's a look at some small upgrades we've recently launched.

New Features

Open Signups - Tired of approving group requests? You can now enable Open Signups! Open Signups allow potential members to sign up, without the Admin or Leader approval step. You'll find this option on the group Settings Page of each group. It's important to remember that Open Signups give group access to anyone on the web so make sure to double check the Public can see options and change them as needed. Read more.

Enhancements and Fixes

Member Phone Numbers - Members have always been able to add their phone numbers when they join a group (or ask to join a group). Now there's a way for them to review and manage their contact numbers too!


As always, we love to hear feedback on features released, as well as any additional feature requests you'd like to see. Send your comments or suggestions by clicking the ? in the upper right of the app.

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