Setting Up Groups on Church Center

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Groups on Church Center is where people can learn which groups are open, where they're located, how often they meet, and other important group details. Group members can also use group messaging to keep in touch.

Enable Groups on Church Center

Church Center was most likely enabled when your Group account was set up.

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If Groups isn't showing up in Church Center, check the Church Center tab on the Accounts Organization page, and make sure that Groups shows up in the navigation.

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If you are using Publishing to manage your Church Center site, check to make sure the Groups page is published.


Share Church Center with your Congregation

Church Center is available in both web and app formats.

  • Church Center Web - You can link directly from your website to Groups on Church Center web and encourage your leaders and members to bookmark their group URLs. If the group changes its type or even its name, the groups list will route incoming requests to the new or updated link. We don't recommend embedding or framing Groups on Church Center on another website.

  • Church Center App - Your congregants can download the Church Center app for both iOS and Android devices.

You can also click Shareable Code at the bottom of a Groups on Church Center web page or a public group type page to view and download the QR code for the page. People can scan the QR code to be brought straight to this URL without having to type it.

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Access Church Center from Admin

To get to Groups on Church Center from the main Groups Admin page, click Church Center.

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From here, you can see if the Church Center web and mobile app have been enabled, update Church Center settings, or visit Groups on Church Center.

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Navigating the Groups Page

If you are logged in to Church Center, the groups you are a member of will show at the top of the main Groups page. Group types with public groups are listed after your groups.

Unique groups (groups with no group types) that are public are listed at the bottom. If all the unique groups are private, the Other Groups section will be hidden.

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On a group type landing page, you can filter for groups within that group type.

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  1. Search for a group within this group type by title.

  2. Filter by tag group , and select a tag to help narrow down the list.

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