Add & Remove Members on a Group Page

Groups don't exist without people! Add people from your group page, or allow them to join a group themselves.

From the Member section on the group page, select Add a member, type the name of the person you'd like to add, and if they don't exist in your database, select Create a new member to add them to your database.

You can add new group members in the course of taking attendance at a group event.

Allow a Person to Join

A person can also be added to a group by joining the group. If the group is open-signup, the person will automatically added; however, if the group requires confirmation, the group leader can choose whether or not they want to add them to the group.

When a person requests to join the group, the group leader will receive an email.

Select View group requests then go to the Requests section on the group page.

If you select Add, the person will automatically be added to the group and will receive a confirmation email.

If you select Don't Add, enter a message for the person to receive, notifying them why they weren't added to the group.

Remove a Group Member

A Group Leader can remove a person from the Members section on the group page by selecting the X. They will then have to confirm the removal.

When a person is removed, their information is still available in the database through People, and they are considered a Visitor to this group in order to keep their attendance record. To remove people from the Visitor list, the group leader needs to be taking attendance, as that's the only place the Visitor list is located.

Now that you have some members in your group, add some events!

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