Update Group Information

When someone is made a Group Leader, they can make changes to what is seen on the group page. Any other group settings are managed by an Administrator.

When an Administrator makes a member into a leader, they have the option of notifying that Group Leader. If they choose to notify them, the group leader will receive an email.

Select View Group to be logged in and taken to that group page to edit anything person will see when they visit the group page.


That group will also be listed in the My Groups section.

my groups

As a leader, you'll see a green header at the top of your group. Select Edit Group to make changes to your group.

edit group

Add an group picture, enter your group name, and add any schedule you'd like people to see upon opening the group.

On desktop, drag and drop an image in the box; on mobile, select Upload image and either take a photo or browse your photo library.

add an image

We apply cropping to an uploaded image to fit a 16:9 aspect ratio, 720x405 pixels. 

If no image is uploaded, a placeholder image will be added.

Change the name, add the usual schedule for the group, and enter the contact email and phone number for the group.

group information

An Administrator chooses who can see the contact information from the group settings.

Enter the reason for the group or a pitch to give information about the group.

group description

Create a new location or choose a location from the Shared Locations list.

create a new location

When creating a new location, google maps finds the address as you type it in.

enter address

Set map preview preference for non-members then view what will be shown.

map preview

Once you've verified the preview, select Save location to save the location and display then select Save changes to update the group page as a whole and take you to a preview of the group page.

group page preview

The lock icon on this group means it's closed, so if you're seeing this icon, contact your Administrator to ask them to open the group now that the details have been finalized!

Now that your group page is created, let's add some members!

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