Upload Resources to Share

Resources are files available for other members or leaders. Upload any files applicable to your group and choose who--leaders or members--can access them.

To add a file, toggle to the Resources tab and select Add a resource.

add a resource

If you're not logged in, or you're not the group leader, you will not see the option to add a resource.

Complete the fields on the New Resource form.

new resource form
  1. Select Choose File to take a photo or find a file from your device.
  2. Add a name and description that other members or leaders will easily recognize and understand.
  3. Choose to allow all members or just leaders to download the file.

Files larger than 50MB will not be uploaded. Please use an outside source to access files larger than 50MB.

Select Create Resource to add the file to your group and be taken back to the Resources.

resource on page

Continue adding resources or edit the one you've already created.

Edit or Delete a Resource

Leaders can edit or delete a resource by selecting the pencil.

resource on page

Make any changes and select Update Resource or choose Delete to fully removed the resources from the group.

edit/delete resource

Now that we have resources, let's tell our members about them!

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