Take Attendance

After you've created an event, you can take attendance by going to the event itself or by following the link in the reminder email.

An Administrator has to set up attendance before it can be taken for an event in a group.

Find Event from Groups Page

Scroll to the Upcoming Events and select Take attendance.

take attendnance

Add attendance for past events by selecting the Past Events tab and choosing which event to add attendance.

Find Event from Attendance Email

From the email you received, select Report attendance now.

Attendance Reminder Email

You may need to log in to access this page.

Whether you access the event from the group page or the email, you have the option to choose when you met--or mark that you did not meet.

Time Options page
  1. Choose the current meeting time to add attendance.
  2. Choose We did not meet to cancel the event. You can choose to notify group members if you cancel the event.
  3. Choose We met at a different time to update the event time then take attendance.

After you select when you met, you'll be taken to the attendance record with a list of members and visitors.

Check the members who were present.

Attendance Page

Enter anyone who isn't listed on the roster.

new member or visitor
  1. If the person wants to join the group, add them as a member.
  2. If the person is only visiting this one time, add them as a visitor.

In either case, when you enter the name of the person, you will draw from your database in Planning Center People. If a person with that name does not exist, you'll need to Create a new person.

Visitors can be promoted to members the next time you take attendance.

If you create a new person, add the email address to complete their profile then select New Visitor to add them to the attendance.

enter visitor information

Once your attendance is complete as shown by the number at the bottom of the page, choose Submit attendance report to record the attendance to the event.

submit report

Once you've taken attendance, use the buttons to view members, the calendar, or return to the group page.

view other group information

If you need to update the attendance, go back to the event and follow the steps above. You will get a notice that someone has already taken attendance, but you can add or edit it.

update attendance
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