Updating Personal Information

If you've ever given a donation, registered for an event, or attended a group, you have a profile on your church's website! You can log in and update your personal information from that profile by following these steps.

Once you're logged in, go to My Profile from the top of the screen.

Giving Profile

When you're not on your profile in Giving, the Donate button turns to My Profile.

giving profile

From your profile in Giving, you can add credit/debit cards or ACH information.

payment method

You can set up recurring donations and view or download your donation history for a period of time.


You can also download any statements generated by your church.

Registrations Profile

When you're not on your profile in Registrations, the All Events button turns to My Profile.

registrations profile

View any events you've registered for a complete any outstanding registrations by following the listed steps.

my events
Groups Profile

In Groups, you can also add a phone number. If you have two phone numbers on file, you can delete one.

groups profile

View the groups you've joined and tap to view them or choose to Leave this group.

my groups

Tap Add email and enter an additional email.

add email

If you have two emails listed on your profile, you can delete one of them by tapping the x.

Select Add mailing address to add an address to your profile.

add mailing address

Once saved, your information will update across all the apps, so you don't need to visit each app to change your information.

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