Manage Events

Add any events you want listed for your group then edit, cancel, or delete it. If you cancel an event on accident, you can even un-cancel it!

Scroll to the Upcoming Events section and select Add a new Event.

upcoming events

Enter information about this event.

The green heading will show to let you know you're making changes and help you save changes easily once you're finished making edits.

event information
  1. Enter the name of the event
  2. Choose the date as well as the start and end time.
  3. If the event is overnight or lasts more than one day, check the multi-day event box.
  4. If the event repeats weekly, every other week, monthly on the third Tuesday or first and third Tuesday or the 17th, or if the event repeats yearly, we've got you covered! Choose the repetition patter as well as an end date.

If we're missing a repetition pattern, let us know!

Using the available formatting tools, add any information a person will need in regards to the event.

event description

The location will automatically set to the group's location; however, you can change it by selecting the dropdown.


Any edits to this location will be made for anywhere the location exists. In addition, if you delete the location, it will be deleted from every group or event that uses it.

Select Save changes from the green header to be taken to the event, where you can add the event to your calendar.

add to calendar

Any group member can add the event to their calendar, or they can subscribe to the calendar from the group page.

Edit the Event

Once the event is created, you can make edits to one event or all the repeating events.

Select an event from the Upcoming Events section.

upcoming events

Select Edit event from the green header to make changes to the details of the event or to delete the event.

edit event

Make any necessary changes to the event, then select Save event.

Repeating events will have dropdown options when saving. Events which do not repeat only show a button.

save changes
  1. If you only need to make changes to this event, choose Save this event.
  2. If you're making changes to all the events, choose Save this event and all occurrences after it.

You can email your members about any changes from the groups page.

Cancel the Event

If, for some reason, the event will not be able to happen, you can cancel the event and notify all the members of the cancellation.

Select an event from the Upcoming Events section.

upcoming events

Select Edit event from the green header to open the option to cancel the event.

edit event

Select Cancel event, which will then give you the option to notify the group members.

cancel event

Check the box to notify the group members of the cancelled event and edit the text to personalize it, if necessary.

notify members

Once you choose Cancel Event, the message will be sent to group members, and the event will show as cancelled on the group page.

canceled event

Canceling an event is not like deleting the event; the cancellation can be undone.

Un-Cancel the Event

Select the cancelled event from the Upcoming Events list.

canceled event

Select Edit event from the green header to access the option to undo the cancellation.

edit event

Select Un-Cancel Event, which make the event available again.

un-cancel event

You can then notify your members that the event is, in fact, still happening from the groups page.

Delete the Event

If an event was created in the wrong group, or for some reason the event needs to be fully removed from the group instead of just cancelled, you can delete the event, which removes the record of the event entirely.

Select an event from the Upcoming Events section.


Select Edit event from the green header to open the option to delete the event.

edit event

Select Delete event then choose to delete only the single event, or, if the event repeats, delete the event and all recurring events.

delete event

If you delete an event, it cannot be recovered, and members will not be notified. If necessary, email your members about the deleted event from the groups page.

Now that we have some events, learn how to take attendance when those events happen!

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