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Today, we've simplified a few elements of Groups. Group settings have always felt like an area of the application that always felt a bit "over engineered" and after looking at the data last week, our suspicions were confirmed: only a fraction of a percent of customers actually used this stuff. 

Change 1: No more setting inheritance.

The old way: By default, a group's settings would always be set to inherit the settings found in the group type defaults. Did you catch that? Yeah, neither did 99% of Groups users. And what's worse, this inheritance relationship could be completely overridden by a group leader making edits to their public group page. For example, when they edited their group's contact email, the group's contact phone number would also change to be non-inherited from the group type's default settings.

The new way: When you look at a group's settings, what you see is what you get. 

If you have default settings that should be used by new groups, you can still establish these on the Group Types page. Those settings will be applied to all newly created groups. To edit settings for a bunch of groups at once, we'll be building some "Bulk Edit" tools into Groups as they're needed.

Change 2: No more "Display without matches"

Fun Fact: Only %.004 of customers had enabled this for any of their group properties. It was a confusing little setting and we're not sad to see it go. 

Change 3: No more property option descriptions

Previously, there was a description field next to each option for group properties. It's now gone. A while ago, we discovered two  things about those descriptions:  First, Groups doesn't actually display those anywhere. Yep, you heard that right. It was functionally useless setting. That lead us to discovery number two: the vast majority of customers don't use them.

We have some larger changes coming to Properties coming. We promise not to add any more useless settings. 

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