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People in Groups

The People page shows administrators how many active group members there are. You can filter the page to narrow the list down to specific people, and then you can email, print, or export the list to a CSV.

The default filter is All groups, All active people, which lets you see how many people are being counted toward your subscription.

  1. Filter to specific sets of people based on group type, permission level, tags, and more.

  2. As filters are added, they'll populate in the bar.

  3. You can search for a specific person by name.

  4. Email everyone on the page.

  5. Export a PDF of the people on the page.

  6. Export a CSV of the people on the page.


You can add a person from the People page, but it's best to add people directly to a group.


Selecting the filter button opens a sidebar that allows you to narrow down the list.

  1. Filter by group type, activity, role, and permissions.


    If you need to follow up with removed or past members, check the Inactive people box to see anyone who was in an active group at some point but not currently.

  2. Add a filter based on the tags set up for your account.

Search by Name

If you know the person's name you're looking for, type it into the search box and select their name from the list.


Each person's name and contact information is listed, along with the groups they are a member of. If they lead any groups, those groups are highlighted in orange.


Select a person's name to go to their profile, where you can see their groups, communication log, and permissions.

  1. The Actions menu allows you to update the profile, edit permissions, or delete the profile (if you're a People administrator).


    Deleted profiles cannot be recovered. Instead, it is recommended that you remove the person from their active groups so they are not counted against your subscription, and you maintain the historical data for the person.

  2. The Groups tab shows what groups they are in (either as a leader or a member) and any permissions they have in Groups.

  3. The Communication tab logs all incoming and outgoing Groups messages from the past three months.

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