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We've created a better way for you to handle your notifications in the Church Center App. Introducing the Notifications Inbox. 🔔


At the top right of the home page in Church Center you'll see a new bell icon that indicates if any new messages have come through. 

  • Jump straight to the conversation. We know the struggle of "chasing the blue dot" by having to tap several times to see your unread messages. Now, it's all a tap a way in the inbox.
  • If you're overwhelmed with the amount of unread messages and would like to commit message bankruptcy, or you simply already know the information, you can now Mark all as read from the top right of the inbox.
  • Want to hang on to some longer messages so that you can read them later? Mark them as unread to keep that notification badge up to date.
  • Need to recall the prayer request someone in your small group sent 2 weeks ago? View old messages under Previous. 

We hope that this new inbox will help you keep organized and stay on top of the things you need to. And this is just the start of our Notifications improvements with Church Center.


Stay tuned, and stay connected!
Team Groups and team Church Center

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