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In the Church Center app, you can receive notifications when a group member posts a message, a new resource is posted, or an event reminder goes out. Set your preferences for the notifications that you want to receive from your profile.

You can access notifications from both Church Center web and app. However, notification preferences can only be set from the iOS or Android app.

Access Notifications

A red dot will show on the bell in the Church Center app header when you have notifications. Tap on the bell to access the notifications.

Notifications indicator

Tap on the notification to take action. The icons on the side denote the type of notification.

Notifications list

Set Notifications Preferences

From your Church Center app profile, you can set preferences for the types of notifications that you want to receive for your groups.

Notifications indicator

In your profile, tap Notifications, and then choose the group that you want to set notifications for.

Gif showing how to accesss preferences

Enable or disable notifications on Church Center.

Preferences within a group
  1. Choose the types of messages you want notifications for (only available if your group has Group Messaging enabled).
  2. Enable if you want to be notified when a new resource is added to the group.
  3. Enable if you want event reminder notifications.
  4. (Leaders only) Enable if you want attendance reminder notifications.

Set Messaging Notifications

You can set messaging notifications by tapping Messaging in the Notifications Preferences for a group.

Messaging preferences
  1. Enable to be notified if someone in your group posts a message.
  2. Enable if you want to see replies to messages.
  3. Enable if you want to see messages from members. If this is disabled, you'll only see messages from group leaders.
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