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New: Allow Members to take attendance

Attendance is at the core of your small groups, and is one of the main ways to make sure people aren’t forgotten or falling through the cracks. The task of actually taking attendance though, isn't always something that's done by a Leader. We’re excited to announce a new permission that allows Members to take attendance. 

Assign in Church Center

With the latest app update, your Leaders can assign any member they’d like to have the ability to take attendance.


These people won’t be able to do any of the other leader actions like accepting new members, adding resources, or creating events.  

Take Attendance

Once they've been given the ability to take attendance, they'll receive both the email and push notification reminders, and they'll see the "take attendance" button and be able to do almost everything a leader can do regarding attendance. They will be able to take notes, but can’t see other leader notes.


We expect leaders will be the primary person to add this ability, but you can change this setting from the admin side too. Members will only be able to take attendance in Church Center.

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