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Every group has a normal cadence in which they meet, and it's generally a deciding factor in choosing which groups your congregation wants to join. It's time to make that meeting schedule a core part of your group, with a new Meeting Schedule setting.


At the bottom of the newly redesigned and reorganized settings page, you'll now see a Meeting Schedule option. This will do two helpful things -- make your public meeting schedule display look and act consistently, and make it faster and easier to create new events.

Consistent look

Once a meeting schedule is set, you'll now see that we automatically format your schedule to stay consistent and show on the public Groups page.


Event Creation Defaults

With a meeting schedule, the frequency and times will automatically be set. All you need to do is add a name, description, and date range to create the event. 

This should make creating events slightly faster, but this is also the first step in making event creation in bulk much easier in the future. Stay tuned for more updates along these lines!

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