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New: Bulk create events

When you are setting up and organizing your groups you may want to create events for more than one group at the same time. Well now you can create new events in bulk, in two different ways!

Your first step is to filter your groups down to the ones you want to create events for. You can use the filter on the left, or simply select the ones you want to add an event for. 


Recurring Events - Seasons

Creating recurring events in different groups is what's magical about this feature. Your groups may meet at different times and days of the week. But, now that each group has a meeting schedule, we can use that to define the day and time of the event you want to create. 

That means all you need to do is add a date range. 


If one of those groups meets on Monday's at 6pm, and another meets on Thursday's at 7pm, we will create events in those groups on those respective days within the date range you chose.

This should make it so much easier to create recurring events across all your groups each season.


Note: This feature requires that your groups have a meeting schedule set. We will skip creating an event for any group that does not have a meeting schedule. To help with this, you can filter your groups to ones that don't yet have a meeting schedule, and add it directly from there. 

One Time Events 

Do you have a small groups kickoff meeting, a BBQ, or maybe a prayer event that you want to add to more than one group? Now you can do that in bulk! When you create a one time event, it’ll create separate events in each of the selected groups, all with the same shared settings you chose on the creation page.


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