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Add Event to Church Calendar

When you create an event, you can put it on the main church calendar to announce the event to non-members or avoid conflicts or double bookings. Administrators or group leaders can submit a request form for the event to be added to the church calendar! The event in Calendar will be connected to the group, and any details (date, time, location, etc.) will automatically be submitted in the request.


If you're not seeing connections or Add to Calendar on your group, ask a Calendar administrator to verify that a group type has been given access to an event request form.

From the group event, select the calendar icon.

connections dropdown_arrow

Select Add to Calendar, which will take you to an event request form in Church Center.

add to calendar_arrow.png

Add helpful notes regarding your event request, answer any form questions, and then Submit the request for review. Watch your email for any responses to your request, including questions, approvals, or rejections.


If you want your group leaders to fill out the event request form when they create events in Church Center, you can create a leader-only resource.

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