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New: Attendance Reports in Church Center

In the latest version of Church Center leaders can now see attendance trends and percentages over time, and contact their members through the new attendance report in Church Center. 

From the Events tab in Church Center, leaders will see an attendance alert at the top of the page that takes them to this new attendance report! This report will give you an overview of everyone's attendance, sorted by their attendance percentage, enabling you to quickly reach out to those members who haven’t been attending regularly. 

How does it work? 

  • A percentage will show next to each member, as well as the number of events they attended within the date range selected. 
  • You can change the date range of the report by tapping on the dropdown at the top. This will update the percentage and number of events attended but won't show more event dots. To see a full breakdown of their attendance, you can visit their profile by tapping on their name.
  • If someone recently joined, like Aaron Smith in the screenshot above, the percentage only counts the dates since they joined.
  • Canceled events and events where attendance wasn’t submitted aren’t included in the group member’s attendance percentage. 

Under the group member’s name you can see the following attendance data: 

  • Attended events are green dots with a check mark.
  • Unattended events are red dots with an X.
  • Canceled events are gray hashed-out dots, as seen for 10/05 in the screenshots. 
  • Events, where attendance was not submitted, are shown as a gray dot with a question mark. 

The page shows the people who have the lowest percentage rate at the top, because those are the people you may want to contact. Simply tap on their name, and you’ll be directed to their profile, where you can text or email them, and see a full year’s view of their attendance records.

With attendance reports, you gain more insight into your group’s health and stay better connected.


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