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Connect and Equip Your Staff

Your staff needs a secure place to store shared resources and communicate effectively while balancing their everyday routines, so they should have their own groups! Create a group type to keep groups like this organized, and then train your team to use Church Center to connect and work together online.

Create Defaults

When creating several groups of the same nature, create a group type to apply the same settings to each group you form!

These questions help determine what settings should be consistent across all groups.

admin type defaults.png
  1. Will meetings happen in the same location?

  2. Are meeting and event reminders necessary?

  3. Is the contact person for all leaders the same individual?


If a specific team member is expected to create events and upload resources for your staff, make them the group type manager so they can serve all your staff groups without having to be a member of each.

Name Groups

Use a standard naming convention to make your staff groups identifiable. Since your team is likely involved with their own small groups alongside this staff group, you want to ensure they can tell the difference easily.

staff group names.png

Train Members

Add people to the appropriate groups. Cast the vision for using the group by uploading a shared resource that outlines the value of each member's engagement.


Depending on how many groups you've created, you may save time by adding members in bulk.

Here are some benefits they could experience by engaging in these groups:

  • Quick access to fellow ministry leaders through group messaging promotes better coordination, brainstorms, and social development.

  • Customize their Church Center notifications based on their preferences. They may not want a ding every time a message reply is received, but if there's a new topic or event, they won't miss it!

  • Access development resources, internal documentation and processes, and more from their phones and computers.

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