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A group page lists all information necessary to its specific group. Leaders, Members, and the Public all have different information available to them, depending on the group settings. From the group directory, choose a group to be taken to their group page.

If a group is a public, its group page will be active and accessible to the general public. Visitors to the group page will be able to view the group's basic information, description, location, and any upcoming events. Group leaders and/or members can be listed, depending on privacy settings, but resources are always hidden to the general public.

main information
  1. Go back to the Group Directory or log in if you're a member or leader. Members and Leaders have different views when logged in, defined by the group's privacy settings.
  2. The group name, schedule, contact info, properties, and group image are all listed here. Administrators have access to change the name, type, and properties, but Leaders can make any other changes.
  3. If a group is open, then there will be a button for visitors to join this group. When they select the button, a notification will be sent to group leaders as well as Administrators.

When you log in, your browser saves your password. Bookmark the page, so when you want to access your group again, you don't have to ask for a password link again!

location and events
  1. A group can be given a base location, letting visitors know where this group typically meets. In addition, each group event can meet in a different location. Administrators can decide to allow the specific location to be shown or just give an area.
  2. The group description provides more information about the purpose of the group. Group leaders or Administrators can include headings, links, and lists to format the description in order to include all essential information
  3. View the Upcoming Events, including their date, time, and location. Select an event to be taken to its event page where you can add the event to your calendar.

Some groups show a list of the Leaders or Members, but it is not required. Manage that information in the Privacy Settings.

Select Shareable Code at the bottom of a public group page to view and download the QR code for the page. People can scan the QR code to be brought straight to this URL without having to type it.

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