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In order to keep up with what's happening in your church's groups or be alerted to a potential problem, Administrators can receive notifications, which can be about a group or membership requests. If the bell icon next to your name has a yellow dot, you have some notifications to address.

Select the bell to be taken to the Notifications page.

bell icon

From the Notifications page, you can see the two types of notifications:

Notifications page


In the group settings, you can notify the admin if the number of members exceeds a specified number set up for the group. Select the linked group name to close the group or review the members in it.

Group leaders are not made aware of these notifications unless they are also Administrators of Groups.

Membership requests

Membership requests show which groups have membership requests that haven't been replied to by their group leader. If needed, the Administrator can choose to Don't add or Add those people to the group and send them an email explaining the decision.

Let us know any other types of notifications that would be useful to you by using the ? in the top right of the application.

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