Setting Up a New Groups Account

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Welcome to Groups! This article will help you set up your Groups account by showing you how the Admin and Public side of the directory works, and it will provide you with links to learn more.

Once you're subscribed, you're ready to get started setting up the application.

Setting Up

Before you can add groups, you need to set up your URL, which sets the website for the public side of groups.

add subdomain

The  URL is set from the Church Center tab in Accounts and creates the site where the public side of Groups lives. Your public groups list becomes active as soon as you subscribe to Planning Center Groups, and it's ready for you to start customizing it immediately.

A URL may have already been set up for you from the Accounts Page. Giving and Registrations both use the URL as well.

church center

Once you've entered a valid URL, check out some information about Groups, and get started!


get started

We've created some group types, tags, and groups to get you started with your account.

Explore the Sample Data

You'll be taken to the main Groups page to see all your groups and access any data we've added.

  1. Check out the Group Types we've created for you and make more for your church.
  2. Add more Tags than the ones already created to filter your groups more accurately.
  3. Check out your Public Groups List to see how people will view the groups from the public website.
  4. View each tab to see the information in each one. The information in each tab grows as your groups grow.
  5. Filter by tag.
  6. Change the status of the groups or create a new group.
  7. Click on a group to select it.

Public View

To get to the group page, go to the Public Groups List or select the Public Group Page button.

open group page

The public side of Groups will be what your members see and where they join groups.

The public group page lists the group description, schedule, and contact information. People can also see the location and join the group from this page.

group page

You are now ready to add all your groups!

When people join a group or are added to a group, their information is saved in People. In the future, they can log in and access the groups they've joined.

Training Video

If you want to dive in a little deeper, we have created a training video that will continually be updated. It's 30 minutes long and has chapters for you to jump around easily. It also links to all of our articles throughout the video.


Getting Help and Support

If you need any help as you're getting set up, we are here to help you! The best way is by clicking the question mark in the upper right when you're logged in. When you click that, you'll see this helpful dialog box.

get help
  1. Suggested articles will give suggestions based on the page you're on when you click the question mark.
  2. Type in what you're looking for. This will search our online manual and return articles on that topic.
  3. Click browse our documentation to be taken directly to our online manual. You'll be able to see all of our help articles and open them from there.
  4. Send an email to our Support Team. For the most efficient support, be sure to include specifics about what you're working with. This might include the group name, report information, or person you're working with. The more specifics you send our way, the better we can help!
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