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Some groups require approval by an Admin or the group leader before people are added as members, and some are open for people to sign up at any time. Both types can be joined the same way: click the Join this group button on their group page. Follow the steps below to join either kind of group.

Send a Request to the Leader

Groups requiring approvals are used to keep group sizes limited to a certain number or make sure the right people are signing up for the best group for them.

For these groups, select Join this group on the group page then follow a couple prompts to make sure the leader gets your request.

group page

Confirm your information is listed and enter a message to the group leader.

send a message to leader

If you're not logged in, follow the steps to enter your email address and log in to join the group.

Once you select Send message, the email will be sent to the group leader.

Confirmation Emails

If you've been added to the group, you'll receive an email like this:

added to group email

If you weren't added to the group, you'll receive a personalized email from your group leader.

not added to group email

Join an Open-Signup Group

Some groups don't require approval to join them. Select Join this group and enter your email address, then you're a part of the group!

group page

Confirm your information is listed and select Join Group.

join group

If you're not logged in, verify your email address to join the group.

You will now see this group in your profile.

member confirmation

Bookmark the group page, so you can easily get back to it!

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