Using Properties to Find Groups

Properties are useful for adding extra information about your groups. Each property has an associated set of options, and some properties are only used by one group type.

Add Properties to Groups

From the Properties tab, select Add property.

Add information about the property to the Settings.

  1. Choose the name of the property.
  2. Check if then how you want the property to display on the public page.
  3. Decide if one group can belong to many properties, or if the group can only belong to one of the options.
  4. Choose which Group Types can use the property. The Group Type Settings also allow you to choose which properties will be used by that group.

Select Save Property to add the different options.

Select Add Option to expand on the property.

To delete a property, choose the tab from the sidebar and select Delete Property. Properties cannot be recovered and will be removed from any group types they were assigned.

Add the name of the option and drag the options in the order you want them to show.

To delete a property, select Edit then choose the red Delete button. Deleted options cannot be recovered and will be removed from any groups they were assigned.

Once you've added the property and options, go to a group and Add properties to the group.

Filter with Properties

Select a group type and filter the list to only types that match a certain property.

  1. Choose the group type.
  2. Use the Filter dropdown to find a property or type the property.
  3. Show the groups by tiles, list, or even by location. In addition, make all groups public/private and open/closed.
  4. View the groups who are in the chosen group type and have that selected property.
    When filtering with All groups, multiple group types will show. Differentiate the group types by their color.

The filter can be used on the Members, Reports, and Calendars tabs as well!

Using Properties on the Public View

Select Groups Directory to see how properties can be used by people to find groups.

Use the dropdown to choose from filters and find just the right group, based on criteria selected.

Properties are only available on group types on the public side of groups. There's not a way to filter all groups based on properties.

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