Using Tags to Find Groups

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Tags are useful for adding extra information about your groups. Each tag has an associated set of options, and some tags are only used by one group type.


Administrators can create and delete tag and tag groups then even use tags to filter groups on the Groups page.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Create Tags and Tag Groups

From the Groups page, click the gear and choose Tags to go to the Shared Group Tags page.


From the Shared Group Tags page, you can create a new tag group.

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Add information about the tag group.

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  1. Enter the name of the tag group.

  2. Check if you want the tag to display on the public page.

  3. Decide if one group can belong to many tags, or if the group can only belong to one of the tags.

Click Save to add the different tags to the group.

Type the name of the tag into the box and enter or select the + to add it to the group.

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  1. Selecting edit will take you to the tag group settings.

  2. Use the handles to reorder the tags by dragging and dropping them.

  3. To edit or delete a tag, select the pencil then choose the delete icon. Tags cannot be recovered and will be removed from any groups they were assigned.

Once you've added the tag, assign it to a group from its settings.

Filter with Tags

Filter the groups list to only show groups that match a certain tag.



The filters can be used on the Reports and Calendar tabs as well!

Tags can also be used along with other criteria to filter lists of group members.

Sort Groups on Church Center

Filter a group type on Church Center by choosing from one of the tags.

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Tags are only available for group types on Church Center. There's not a way to filter all groups based on tags.

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