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Much of the power of this application comes through the use of group types. However, there are likely some groups in your church that are truly unique. These include leadership teams, planning committees, and other one-off groups.

Viewing and adding new unique groups

In the group type selector, you'll notice the "Unique Groups" selection at the bottom:

This selection will show only those groups that do not belong to any group type. Now, when you click the + button to create a new group, you're creating a new unique group.

Really, unique groups function just like any other groups, except for a couple things:

They're listed differently in the groups directory.

In your groups directory, if you have unique groups that are set to "Public", you'll see an "Other Groups" category at the bottom of the page.

Their settings are unique.

Groups with no group type can't inherit settings from their group type. Because... umm... they have no group type. :-)

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