Manage Group Settings

Schedule, location, and contact information all belong to a group or group type. Group Defaults affect the entire group type; however, a group can override the group defaults to have specific settings.

Go to the Settings tab on any group to edit the schedule, description, contact, location, enrollment, member listing, and event information.

When creating new settings, choose Override [Group Type] default settings from the dropdown before making any changes.

Group Page

The schedule is a reference point for people to view; it does not add any event to the calendar.

The description should give people a sense of what the group is about. Use the editing tools to make important text stand out.

Contact Information

If people have questions about this group, they can reach out to the person listed. This person doesn't necessarily need to be the group leader; the information listed could be the church's information.


Let people know where where the group typically meets by adding a location.

  1. Choose from other locations listed in other groups or create a new location.
  2. Edit or delete the selected location.
  3. Select Member or Non-Member to view what the map will look like.

Enrollment Settings

Choose when or if enrollment closes based on a date or the number of people.

If you don't necessarily want the group to close after a certain number of people, but you may need to make other arrangements after a certain number, choose to be notified after a certain number of people.

Member Listing

Some groups may want to show who's in the group and how to contact those people; other groups, however, may want their information to stay private. You can choose what visitors can see and what logged-in group members can see on your group page.

Event Settings

Choose to list the event calendar on your public page or if attendance should be taken for the events.

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