Closed & Open Groups

For groups that are public, this setting will controls the presence of the "Join This Group" button on the group page:

On the group page.

Note: if the person viewing the group page is already a member, that entire bar won't show, regardless of whether the group is open or closed.

Opening and closing groups.

You can do toggle a single group:

Or you can toggle a bunch of them at once:

Auto-closing groups.

There are two ways to automatically close a group. Both can be accomplished at the group type level, using group defaults. Or it can be set for a single group, using a group setting. Either way, it looks like this:

  1. Date trigger: Close the group on a certain date.
  2. Membership trigger: Close the group at a certain number of members. Remember that group leaders are also members and that both leaders and administrators can still add new members to this group. Closing the group just disables the "Join this group" button as shown above.
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