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Attendance can be a key indicator of group health. Asking group leaders to take attendance at group events will let Administrators know if the group has grown too large or become too small.

After you've created an event, you can take attendance. Watch the video to see how it looks or follow the steps below and take attendance for your event.


On the group's Events tab, select the event that needs attendance.

Events are listed in chronological order and show the date, name, and attendance, if it's already been taken. Select Report Attendance to be taken directly to the attendance roster.


If you select the event, you'll be taken to the event page, where you can edit information about it, record attendance, or request the leaders record attendance.

If an Administrator selects Request Attendance from Leaders, an email will be sent to the primary email address of the group leader.

Select Record Attendance to be taken to attendance roster. Put a check next to members who were present and search for others who attended and want to be added as a member.

Attendance Report page

Previous visitors show at the bottom of the roster. Add a new visitor from the search bar.

Select Submit Attendance Report to record the attendance to the event.

If you are a leader and you are not seeing this search bar to add a new member or visitor, reach out to your administrator. This is a feature that can be turned on/off by your admin.

A visitor will be listed in the Visitor list until you use the buttons to promote or remove them, which can only be done on the most recent attendance roster.

Once attendance is added to the event, check out the reports to track any changes.

If attendance isn’t something you’re interested in tracking, an Administrator can disable the reminders on the group settings page.

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