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Hello 2018! We've been busy and here is a taste of what we've been cooking.

In case you missed it! Earlier this week, we posted about some changes to both the Event Calendar and Resources Page

Enhancements and Fixes

Clarify Member Settings - We've added a little more clarity within the groups settings regarding public member privacy. These now give a bit more context for how they're use and how they'll be seen publicly.

Member Actions Column Moved - After hearing some customer feedback regarding some smaller screens not being able to see the Member Actions Column when viewing the Members List, we shifted it to the left, making managing the member role a bit easier to address.

Cursor Issue on iOS - There was an issue on iOS when editing text fields when adding members or changing information on your own profile. The cursor was essentially going anywhere on the page it wanted to. Those parameters are now defined. Let us know if you see any other wackiness.

Mosaic Images Missing - We corrected a bug when adding new Group Types to Groups. On the public side, the generic mosaic images weren't showing up if the groups didn't contain a custom image. Those mosaic images will now be there to prevent those blank spaces.


We love feedback so let us know your thoughts on these updates, as well as additional feature requests you'd like to see going into the new year. Send your comments or suggestions by clicking the (?) in the upper right of the app.

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