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Privacy is at the forefront of so many people’s minds lately, and it’s on ours too! We are always looking for new ways to make sure Planning Center is a place you can trust to keep your data private and secure.

One area in which we noticed privacy could be improved was the way leaders could add members to their groups.

Previously, we provided all Leaders with our universal search, which allowed them to add anyone in your People database to their groups quickly, which means that they had access to everyone's name, phone number, and email address. Now, if that is turned off, they will not have access to see any of that information until the member is added to their group.

From now on, newly created groups will not allow leaders to search the database to add new members. If you do have groups where it makes sense for the leaders to add members this way, you can turn this ability back on from the Settings tab in that group.



We wanted to get this out as quickly as possible so those that those who need it are able to lock down their groups. Because we expedited the process, we do not currently have a way for you to bulk update your groups, so you will need to change this setting in each of the groups you want to update.

We have included this setting in the Group Type defaults as well! If you do want to allow leaders to search your database when adding members, you can change this setting in the Group Type defaults ensuring that all new groups created under that group type are created with that option enabled.

Note: There shouldn't be any risk of potential duplicates unless a member provides the leader a new email address. The leader will enter the email address when trying to add a member, and if it exists, it will recognize the person and use that profile. If the email address doesn't exist, it will ask the member to enter their name before they are added to the group.

We will be working on an alternative solution for leaders to take action on prospective members, so stay tuned for more information about that!


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