Event Reminders and RSVP

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Group Leaders and Administrators can send event reminders and request RSVPs for group events.

Group members can respond to RSVPs and view their event RSVP status.

Event reminders and RSVP requests can only be sent once for each event.

Send Event Reminders

To remind group members of an event, go to the event page in a group, and then select Send event reminder email.

You can also add an RSVP request for the event.


Group members receive an email with an event reminder.

Event reminder email

Send Event RSVP Requests

Group Leaders and Administrators can request that members RSVP for an event when sending reminder emails from the event details page.

To include an RSVP with a reminder email, toggle the Include rsvp request in reminder switch the right to turn it green, then send the reminder email.

You can also send an RSVP request from the main Events page in Groups. Select the Request now button next to the event that you want to collect RSVPs for.

Group members will receive an email with an RSVP request.

RSVP email

You can keep track of the number of people who have responded to the RVSP from the main Events page on the events list.

You  can also view the page for the specific event to see how individual members have responded to the RSVP.

RSVP list

Responding to RSVP Requests

When a Group Leader sends an RSVP request, group members receive an email asking them to confirm their attendance.

RSVP email

When you select a button in the email, you are taken back to the public event page where you can change your RSVP, if necessary.

Member RSVP1

If you are logged in to the public group page, you can view which events have RSVPs that have been sent by your Group Leader. You can also see how you have responded.

If an email was not sent for an event, no status will be listed.

Member RSVP list

 When you select one of the events that has an RSVP, you can change your RSVP for the event.

Member RSVP1
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