Responding to RSVPs

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When your group leader sends you an event reminder, it will include an RSVP request. Use the RSVP options to let your leader know if you'll be attending the event.

RSVP email

When you select a button in the email, you are taken to the event page where you can change your response, if necessary.

Member RSVP

Updating Your RSVP

If you are logged in, you can view which events in your group have RSVP requests that have been sent by your Group Leader. You can also see how you have responded.

Your status will only be displayed if your leader has sent out an RSVP request.

 When you select one of the events that has an RSVP, you can change your response for the event.

Member RSVP

If your Group Leader updates your RSVP for you, you will receive an email to let you know that it's changed. You can update this RSVP again from the email link.

Now that you've responded to the event, you can add it to your calendar!

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