Introduction to Groups for Leaders

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Planning Center Groups helps you manage your members, plan events, take attendance, and share resources. As a Group Leader, you can do most of your group management from Church Center, but there are some leader tasks that you’ll need to do from the Admin side of Groups.

Managing your Group from Church Center

From the Church Center app or Church Center web, you can invite Members to your group, send emails, create events, take attendance, and view/moderate Group Messaging.


You must be logged in to Church Center to manage your groups.

What task are you trying to accomplish? Refer to these guides as you get more familiar with Church Center:

Managing your Group from the Admin Pages

Aside from Messaging, everything you can accomplish in Church Center has an Admin-page equivalent.


The first time you log in, you might need to set a password, depending on if you have previously created a password for one of the other Planning Center products.

In addition to the Church Center options, the Admin pages host Reports and Group Settings. The following guides will walk you through your Leader tasks in the Groups Admin pages:

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