Officially, A New Way to Manage Groups

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A couple months ago, we announced that there was going to be A New Way for Leaders to Manage Groups. Because we were introducing a brand new interface for your leaders, we wanted to make this a slow transition. Over the last two months, your leaders have been prompted when logging into Church Center, to create a password so they can start managing their groups. We did not force leaders to take any action up until now.

The time has come to make this transition official! The next time your leader logs into Church Center to manage their group, they will be directed to log into Planning Center to continue from there. If they have not created a password yet, they will instructed to do so. After a leader creates a password for the first time, they will receive a welcome email explaining some of the changes, as well as a link to our new training document for leaders.

If you would like to send this training document to any of your leaders that have already logged in, you can forward them this link: 

We are very excited for the opportunities this transition opens for both administrators and leaders in Groups!

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