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Recently, we added a setting to disable leaders from searching the People database when adding new members. Even though these leaders probably shouldn’t be searching the entire database, they still might need a way to add new members to their group.

We have since added a way for leaders to invite new members to their group. The leader will enter the email address of the prospective member and then an invitation email will be triggered! From the email, the member will select a link to accept or decline the invitation. 






Leaders can see all pending invitations under their list of current members. There, they can resend the invitation if the member never received it, or they can revoke the invitation. 




Leaders with access to search the database as well as admins will not see any change in the way they add new members. They will still search the database and add the member to the group immediately. Only leaders without access to search People will see this new “Add Member” button.


Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues! 

~ The Groups Team

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