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Locations are an optional feature that allow you to help members know where a group is meeting. Create locations for your group and share them with other groups.

Create a Location

In the group Settings tab, go to the Location section, and select the dropdown to create a new location.

create new location

Add the name and address, and then make sure that the location on the map is correct.

If other groups or events might need this location, check the box next to Share.

To pin a more specific location instead of an address, click the map.

Members will always see the exact address and location, but you can choose to make the public-facing location less specific.

For someone who isn't a member, you can set the Non-Member Display dropdown to Hidden, Approximate, or Exact location from the dropdown.

Click Save location to add the location to your group or event.

Edit or Delete a Location

Locations might be longterm, temporary, or they may change over time.

To update or delete a location, select a location from the Location dropdown in the group settings, and then choose the option you need.

  1. Click to open the location settings, so that you can then update the name, address, or the Non-Member Display options.
  2. Click to completely remove the location from Groups.
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