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Create an Event

Groups is built for connection! Both in-person and online events enhance these connections. You can create events individually or in bulk for many groups at once. 

  • Administrators can create and edit events for any group from the main Calendar tab or the individual group's Events tab.

  • Group leaders can create and edit events for groups they lead from the individual group's Events tab or from Church Center.

Create Event

From a group's Events tab, select Create a new event.

create a new event_arrow.png

Add information about the event.

event settings_numbered.jpeg
  1. Add the event name and description. This is shown in Church Center for the group.

  2. Set the meeting time for a single instance. If this is a one-time event, set Repeat to Never; otherwise, choose the appropriate frequency and set the date of the final instance.

  3. Choose a location for the event.

  4. Set automated reminders for the event.

Select Create event to add it to your group calendar.

Edit Upcoming Event

You can update the location or description after creating the event by selecting Edit event. If the event is in the past, you cannot edit the date and time.

edit event_arrow.jpeg

Edit any information, and then scroll to the bottom and select Save. If your event repeats, choose to save for this event date only or this event and all future dates.

save dropdown_arrow.jpeg

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