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Anyone can join a group at the click of a button, but some groups require more information than others. Using Registrations Events or People Forms is a great way for people to give you that additional information when signing up for a group. Once they've registered or submitted the form, the steps below will automatically add them to a group.

The following steps require permissions in People, Groups, and Registrations. This process can be a collaborated effort with people who have those permissions, or an Administrator in those applications can give those permissions.

Gather Information

You can gather information from an event in Registrations or by using a form in People. They have different strengths, so choose your way based on what information you're wanting to gather:

  • Registrations Event: register a group of people or accept payment for a resource
  • People Form: update custom fields on a profile

Either option allows you to gather information on a person before they join a group, so check out the options below and create an event or a form.

Create an Event in Registrations

If a group requires an upfront payment, add the payment to the Attendee Type or use Add Ons for people to purchase specific books or resources.

If a group member needs to finish a required class before attending another group, add questions to the registration form.

Once the event is created, a person can register many people at one time.

register multiple people

Create a List

Once you've created your event, create a list in People to find those who register for the event.

Enable Automations

You can set a list automation to add them to the group, so as people begin the register for the event, they are added to this list, which then adds them to the group.

create automation
Create a Form in People

If you don't require a payment of any kind, or if you want to save an answer as a custom field, create a form.

When people fill out the form, their answers will go into the custom field you've created.

Enable Automations

Once you've created the form, set up an automation that will add the person to the group as soon as the fill out the form.

create automation

Email Group Members

Whether you create a Registrations Event or a People Form, the automations will begin to fill up the group as people submit information.

When enrollment closes or once the group is full, welcome the group members by sending them an email.

send email to members
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