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The group settings are reflected in the group's header and on Church Center. From the group settings tab, you can set defaults for attendance, location, and more.

In the header, you can add notes and view the connections to Calendar events.


From the Settings, you can change the basic information, what's shown on Church Center, and the event defaults.

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The settings in bold, such as Availability on Church Center, can be set in the group type defaults for newly created groups, but changes made at the group level will override any group type settings.


Some of the settings shown in this article are available for Administrators only. When Group Leaders view the Settings tab for their groups, they will only see settings they can update.

Basic Information

The basic information helps people find the group and schedule if you decide to show it.

  1. Add the name of the group.

  2. Select the Group Type for this group.

  3. Add or import an image to represent the group and display on Church Center. Use the Free photos button to find free photos from Unsplash or upload your own image.


    Use the Image Sizing Guide to upload the right size and file type.

  4. Enable and select your Group Messaging options.

  5. Choose your contact person for your leader. When a leader replies to an attendance request or notification email, the response is sent to this contact person. You typically want an Administrator or Group Type Manager to be your leader's contact person.

  6. Enable attendance reminders. These will go out to attendance takers 10 minutes before the event.

  7. Set Security preferences. If you allow leaders to add members directly to their group on the admin side by searching your entire database, this will reveal names, email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers.

    If unchecked, leaders will still be able to add new members to their group via Church Center by sending their members a special join link or by having their members scan a QR code.

Promote on Church Center

Help potential members find and learn about your group.

  1. The description is shown on the public group page and should give people a sense of what the group is about. Use the editing tools to make important text stand out.

  2. Add tags to the group to help people find groups when filtering.


    Administrators can create new tags by clicking Manage tags.

  3. Let people know where the group typically meets by adding a virtual or physical location.

  4. Select which items you want to be displayed on Church Center about this group.

Availability on Church Center

This section allows you to choose how and when members join the group.

availability on cc_numbered.png
  1. Open or Close enrollment by selecting this button.

  2. Select an enrollment strategy.

  3. If you want your group to automatically close based on a date or enrollment number, set that here. Choose whether or not to include pending join requests in the enrollment capacity by checking the corresponding box.

  4. Select this option to alert your admin once the membership exceeds a certain number.

  5. List or Unlist the group on Church Center by selecting the correct toggle.


    Administrators can update the Enrollment status and Visibility for multiple groups at once through bulk editing! Your Leaders can still invite people to their groups even if the group is Closed or Unlisted.

Event Defaults

Set the defaults for each event created in this group.

  1. Enable and set the timing for reminder emails that will apply to all future events.

  2. Add or edit the meeting schedule to quickly create new events by automatically setting the event frequency and time! You can also add meeting schedules from the Groups page using the Meeting Schedule column.


    The meeting schedule is also used when you bulk add new events.

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