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From the group settings tab, you can manage what people see on the group page and set defaults for attendance, location, and more.

From a group, go to the Settings tab to make any changes.

Some of the settings shown in this article are available for Administrators only. When Group Leaders view the Settings tab for their groups, they will only see settings that they are able to update.

Header, Basic Information, and Location

  • Notes: When an Administrator adds a note, a small red dot appears on the notes button. Only other Administrators can see these notes.
  • Archive or Delete Group: Administrators can archive or delete a group at any time. Archiving saves all the information and removes it from the active groups view; deleting removes all information about the group.
  • Group Type: Although the group type is chosen at the time the group is created, Administrators can select a different group type for this group.
  • Schedule: The meeting schedule is shown on the group page, but it does not add any events to the calendar.
    This can be set in the group type defaults.
  • Group Image: Click Free photos to find free photos from Unsplash to use for your group image.
    Upload your own image. We apply cropping to an uploaded image to fit a 16:9 aspect ratio, 720x405 pixels. 
  • Location: Let people know where where the group typically meets by adding a virtual or physical location.
    This can be set in the group type defaults.

Group Type Settings

These settings can all be set in the group type defaults. Only Administrators can make changes to these fields except for the Event Reminder Default.


Add tags to the group to help people find groups when filtering.

Group Page Settings

Set group and event calendar visibility, and edit contact information or group description.

  • Group Status: Administrators can set the group status to published or hidden and set enrollment to open or closed.
  • Contact: If people have questions about this group, they can use the Contact button from the public group page to email the address entered here. This person doesn't need to be a Group Leader. To disable the Contact button on the public group page, leave the Contact email blank.
    This can be set in the group type defaults.
  • Leader Name: Check to display the leader's name on the public group page.
  • Description: The description is shown on the public group page and should give people a sense of what the group is about. Use the editing tools to make important text stand out.
    This can be set in the group type defaults.
  • Calendar: Administrators can allow members to view group events and subscribe to the calendar by checking the box.
    This can be set in the group type defaults.

Group Messaging

Check Enable Group Messaging to turn on messaging for your group in the Church Center app, and then choose who you want to create new messages.

If you would like to use Group Messaging as an avenue for announcements, only allow leaders to create messages and then disable replies for the messages.

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