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From the group settings tab, you can manage what people see on the group page and set defaults for attendance, location, and more.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

From a group, go to the Settings tab to make any changes.

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The settings in bold can be set in the group type defaults for newly created groups, but changes made at the group level will override any group type settings.


Some of the settings shown in this article are available for Administrators only. When Group Leaders view the Settings tab for their groups, they will only see settings that they are able to update.

Basic Info

The basic information helps people find the group and schedule, if you decide to show it.

  1. Add the name of the Group

  2. Select the Group Type for this group

  3. Share your Group Schedule

  4. If you choose to display the meeting schedule publicly, the schedule is shown on the group page, but it does not add any events to the calendar.


The image represents the group and is shown on Church Center.


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Visibility & Enrollment Status

Administrators can set the group status to published or hidden in Church Center.


Enrollment can be set to one of the following options:

  • Closed

    Only Admins and Group Leaders can add members to the group.

  • Open: request to Join

    People who see the group listed in Church Center can ask to join the group and an admin or group leader can approve or decline their request.

  • Open: open signup

    People can join the group by clicking the join button. No approval by an admin or a group leader is needed.

Church Center

  1. Tags - Add tags to the group to help people find groups when filtering.


    Administrators can create new tags by clicking Manage tags.

  2. Contact Person - Who can people contact with questions about joining this group? This controls the Contact button from the public group page. This person doesn't need to be a Group Leader. To disable the Contact button on the public group page, leave the Contact email blank.

  3. Event Reminder - enable automatic reminders for group members and the time they will be sent

  4. Group Description - The description is shown on the public group page and should give people a sense of what the group is about. Use the editing tools to make important text stand out.

  5. Location - Let people know where the group typically meets by adding a virtual or physical location.

  6. Calendar Display - Administrators can allow members to view group events and subscribe to the calendar by checking the box.

  7. Leader Display - Check to display the leader's name on the Church Center group page.

  8. Group Messaging - Check Enable Group Messaging to turn on messaging for your group in Church Center, and then choose who you want to create new messages. If you would like to use Group Messaging as an avenue for announcements, only allow leaders to create messages and then disable replies for the messages.

Additional Settings

All of the settings in the table below can be set in the group type defaults for newly created groups, but changes made at the group level will override any group type settings.

  1. Enrollment: Set limits for enrollment and choose when to receive notifications.

  2. Attendance Reminder: Send an email to leaders to remind them to take attendance

  3. Contact Person for Leader: Choose the person to receive the email a leader responds to.

  4. Security: Allow group leaders to access the entire church database on the admin side of Groups.

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