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When you create a group, you want people to be able to find the group that fits them best. Set the group name, image, tags, and more to make it easy for people to choose a group on Church Center.


Most groups adopt the group type defaults to manage their settings, but changes made in the group settings will override any group type defaults.

The header shows the basic group information. You can also add notes and view the connections to Calendar events.


Update Settings

Go to the Settings tab to manage the information not informed by group type defaults.

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These settings are only available for administrators. Leaders may not see the same settings as shown here.

Basic Info and Messaging

  1. Add the group's name.

  2. Add or import an image to represent the group and display on Church Center. Use the Free photos button to find free photos from Unsplash or upload your own image.


    Use the Image Sizing Guide to upload the right size and file type.

  3. Enable a way for members and leaders to chat in Church Center. If you enable the chat, choose who can create new messages. If a leader doesn't see this option, it is not allowed in the group type settings.

Display and Tags

  1. Select the information you want non-members to see about the group on Church Center.

  2. Add tags to the group to help people find the group when filtering.


    Administrators can create new tags by clicking Manage tags.

Enrollment and Visibility

When a group is created, no one can find or join it until you update the visibility and enrollment status. Choose settings to control if a group shows as Open, Closed, or Full on Church Center.

availability on cc_numbered.png
  1. Open or close enrollment by selecting this button.

    Closed enrollment does not prevent leaders or administrators from inviting or adding new members, and the group is still active for current members.

  2. Listed groups are searchable on Church Center.

    Unlisted groups are not searchable; however, they are accessible to the group members.


    If all the groups in a group type are unlisted, the whole group type is inaccessible on Church Center.

  3. Select an enrollment strategy.

    • Request to join groups require group leader approval through email or the Member tab before a member is added.

    • Open signup groups allow members to join without approval. This is not recommended because it can cause a security issue.

Set up Meeting Schedule

Add or edit the meeting schedule to create new events by automatically setting the frequency and time.

meeting schedule.png


The meeting schedule is also used when you add multiple new events.

What do leaders see?

Leaders have access to most group settings, except for enrollment. You can see exactly what the settings page looks like for a leader.

Unlike the admin view, the first section doesn't include group type, contact person, and attendance reminder. If group messaging is not enabled in the group type default, the messaging section will also be unavailable.


Leader can access everything they need to promote their group on Church Center.


Leaders can also access the event defaults, which include reminder emails for members and the meeting schedule.

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